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Mesne Lea

Primary School

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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead) : Mrs Unsworth



Deputy Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead) : Mrs Cartwright 


Assistant Headteachers:

Mrs Faulkner


Mrs Dougill (SENCO)


Miss Antrobus 



Nursery Blue

Miss Bennett 


Teaching assistant: Miss Morris 


Nursery Yellow Mrs Doyle  


Teaching assistant: Mrs Plaister 


Reception Yellow Mrs Saini 


Teaching assistant: Miss Harris  



Reception Blue Miss Mitten 


Teaching assistant: Mrs Moore 


                                                      Year 1 Blue Mrs Alexander 



                                                      Teaching assistant: Miss Lees     



Year 1 Yellow Mrs Williams  


Teaching assistant: Miss Brooks 


Year 2 Yellow Miss Antrobus 


Teaching assistant: Ms Cervellione


Teaching assistant: Miss Bevan 


Year 2 Blue Mrs Cartwright 


Teaching assistant: Mrs Richards 


Year 3 Yellow Mrs Mockridge 


Teaching assistant: Mrs Myall 


Year 3 Blue Miss Berry  


Teaching assistant: Mrs Gorman 


Year 4 Blue Mrs Dougill 


Teaching assistant: Miss Middleton 


Teaching assistant: Miss Hilton


Year 4 Yellow Miss Gray  


Teaching assistant: Mrs Harrison


Teaching assistant: Mrs Fairclough 



Year 5 Yellow Miss Osborn


Teaching assistant: Mr Harrison 


Year 5 Blue Miss Gibson  


                                                      Teaching assistant: Mrs Yates 



Year 6 Blue Mrs Faulkner 


Teaching assistant: Miss Haslam


Teaching assistant: Miss Partington 



Year 6 Yellow Mr Stead 


Teaching assistant: Miss Reeve 


Cherry Tree Room Miss Greaves 


Teaching assistant: Miss Hall 


Teaching assistant: Miss Burke 


Teaching assistant: Miss Russell 


Teaching assistant: Miss Smith 



Executive Headteacher – Mr Tonge 


Site Manager – Mr Stimson  

Business Manager – Mrs Fleming 

Finance and Office Administrator – Mrs Mellor



Office Clerk – Mrs Ditta 


                                                      Safeguarding Lead – Miss Fisher 



                                                      Family liaison officer – Miss Edge


                                                Welfare Assistants: Miss Fildes