Acting Head Teacher: Mrs A Cartwright
Local Authority Representative: Mr A Stribling
Parent Governors: Ms L Bevan, Mrs L Sullivan, Ms K Conroy
Other Governors: Mrs J Davies
Co-opted Governors: Mrs P Owen, Mr R Mellor (Chair), Miss G Smith  
Staff representative: Mrs F Zino

Meet our Governors

Chair of Governors Mr R Mellor  
Vice Chair of Governors Mrs J Davies  
Co-opted Governors  Mrs P Owen Ms G Smith
LEA Governors Mr A Stribling    
Parent Governors    Ms L Bevan Mrs L Sullivan, Ms K Conroy, Mrs L Barrett  
Staff Governors Mrs F Zino  

The Roles of our Governors

The Governors represent the different communities of Mesne Lea – The staff, the parents, the local authority and the local community itself. We come from a variety of backgrounds including Health, Education, Business, Information Technology , Sales and Marketing. We aim to provide a school that delivers the best education and life experiences for the children of Mesne Lea within the finances provided for the school, and for it to be a place of work that the best teachers and support staff want to work. Governors are responsible for the Strategic direction of a school rather than the day-to- day operational decisions. We support and challenge school leaders and hold them to account for the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement, behaviour and safety.  In doing this we must manage the finances of the school well and more recently this has included the use of Pupil Premium monies to overcome barriers to learning for our more disadvantaged pupils. A Governor has a four year term of office – parent and staff governors are elected by their peers, the others are appointed either by the Local Authority (1 member) or by the governing body itself. It is a voluntary position, hard work but very rewarding.   Chairperson Mr R Mellor Vice Chairperson Mrs J Davies Acting Headteacher Mrs A Cartwright Co-opted Governor Mrs P Owen Co-opted Governor Mr A Stribling Parent Governor  Ms K Conroy Parent Governor  Mrs L Bevan Parent Governor  Mrs L Sullivan Parent Governor  Mrs L Barratt Staff Governor Mrs F Zino  

Register of Interests

Register of Interests

Attendance Record of Governors Meetings

From Sept 2016 – May 2017 July 2017 Autumn 2017

Attendance documents 2019

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Contact Details

If you would like to contact any of our School Governors, please ask at the School office or follow the link below.   Governors/Attendance_-_Summer_2018.doc Governors/Attendance_-_Executive_committee_08.05.18.doc Governors/Attendance_-_Executive_committee_12.06.18.doc