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Miss Palmer - Music Lead




Mesne Lea aims to provide all pupils with a high quality music education, which engages and inspires children to develop a life-long love of music children to increase their self-confidence, creativity, imagination and provides opportunities for self-expression enabling children to achieve sense of personal achievement. We offer opportunities for children to develop and explore their talents in all aspects of music including music appreciation, composition, singing, and performing whilst experiencing a variety genres and composers.  Through a wide variety of tuned/untuned percussion and pitched instruments the children all children have equal access to learn the correct usage of instruments. We appreciate the voice as an instrument in its own right and to perform for a variety of audiences.


In music lessons the children are involved in making and responding to music. We aim to develop each of the formal elements of music through performing, composing and appraising in all activities and extend these skills by applying listening skills, knowledge and understanding of music.


Our music curriculum has been designed by exploring the expectations of the National Curriculum and applying this guidance to the context. We have liaised closely with MAPPAS (Salford Music Service) to ensure we maintain a high quality Music of curriculum implementing their guidance and advice.


In order to fulfil the objectives we use a variety of resources, such as the Kapow scheme of Music.  Within year 3 and Year 4 whole class music lessons are provided by MAPPAS on Peebuzz and Brass. The schemes are also supplemented where appropriate with cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities through the use of a variety of musical resources.


At the same time, it is important to develop the idea that music is fun and is for life. The children are given opportunities to experience a wide range of live music, both within school and at other venues. They are also encouraged to perform their own music for an audience, developing their self-confidence and sensitivity towards others.






Music and Performing Arts Salford is here to offer opportunities in the performing arts for all.


MAPAS has worked in Salford for over 50 years, teaching music and performing arts to the people of our City. Today, the service continues to offer lessons for people of all ages who want to learn an instrument or sing. MAPAS are proud to offer the free loan of a handheld instrument to any child who wants to learn to play.


The MAPAS Centre offers the opportunity to be creative and perform alongside other people through a variety of bands, choirs, orchestras, drama and musical theatre groups. There are a range of groups to suit all abilities and ages. Our single monthly membership fee gives you access to as many groups as you would like to join (provided you meet the entry requirements/age restrictions).


MAPAS continue to offer a range of support to Salford schools, from advice and Continuous Professional Development for school staff, through to delivery of curriculum, whole class instrumental tuition and specialist instrumental tuition. MAPAS is a key partner in the Greater Manchester Music Education Hub, giving our schools and students access to a wide range of projects, opportunities and support at a regional level.

You can find out more about MAPAS or get in touch if you have any questions using the following links 

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How to sign up for 1-1 Music tuitions in school delivered by MAPAS: