Keyworker Provision


Provision for children of Critical Workers will continue at Mesne Lea, but with some different practical arrangements from how this has operated to date.



  1. Miss Gray will be teaching the EXISTING 4/5 bubble of children supported by Miss Morris and Miss Edge.
  2. Miss Bartholomew will be teaching the EXISTING 2/3 bubble of children supported by Miss Chervelloni and Miss Fisher.
  3. Mrs Prill will be teaching a NEW bubble of 2/3/4 children with Miss Harris.
  4. Mrs Cartwright and Miss Berry will be teaching the other NEW bubble of 3/4/5 children supported by Mrs Gorman.



In order to preserve the “bubble” approach, small groups will be accommodated in separate classrooms, based on two main factors: year group and whether they have previously accessed our Key Worker provision or are new to the provision.


The groups will have a designated room, toilet facilities, hand washing facilities and separate times for breaks. To the very best of our ability, they will not mix with anyone outside of this small bubble.


Children should continue to access the provision via the BSC entrance, from 8am if needed and this is where you should also collect your child at the end of the day. In order to do this safely we ask you remain behind the black gates and your child will be taken to their classroom.


The children will have a busy day, broken up into manageable chunks of time dependent on age. We will not be attempting to deliver the full curriculum usually on offer at Mesne Lea, but we will balance the days so the children do not get tired, overwhelmed or demotivated.




Our role as a school is to help the children emerge from this as strong, positive, caring, socially connected and happy individuals. We have seen new qualities emerge in our children since lockdown and have all been impressed with their resilience, their creativity, their ingenuity, and their ability to help and inspire others. With this in mind, our focus initially will be on pupil wellbeing, reading, writing and maths, but there will be creative and fun activities too, with lots of opportunities for outdoor learning. The children will also have the opportunity to access the Forest school area and take part in some PE during the days they are in school, so please ensure footwear is suitable for exercise.


Our whole school topic will focus on travel. We will be travelling around Europe, exploring the varied countries that make up our continent. We will visit the art galleries in France, become a professional footballer in Germany, join the World’s top cyclists through Spain, travel to Italy’s vast mountain ranges, raise awareness of climate change in Russia as well as becoming Sports Broadcasters for the Winter Olympics in Norway!


The children will get the chance to experience the various cultures, food, music and rich traditions without leaving lockdown!


Wednesdays will be slightly different; we will focus on understanding the range of feelings they may be experiencing due to the current climate and how they can use their own superpowers to deal with them! The focus for the day will be Wellbeing and developing lifelong skills to help the children with change.