Learning With Cherry Tree

Please see The Cherry Room Twitter account – ‘Miss G The Cherry Tree Room@CTR_Mesnelea’ for activities for your child.

Each day there are a range of activities that we would like your child to have a go at – one maths, one literacy and one afternoon activity. We would like your child to complete at least one of the activities, any more would be a bonus.  Please note that some of the activities may be selected based on interests. 

The Spelling Shed spelling lists are put on every Monday –  Please could your children complete 2 or more sessions per week Y5 and Y6 CTR

Times Tables Rock Stars – please could your child complete at least one session Y5 and Y6 CTR

Daily tweet with physical type activity is posted on CTR Twitter everyday (Coach James) all CTR children

Speech and Language type activity – retweeted from Mrs Fairclough all CTR children

Daily Blob activity with specific questions Y5 and Y6 CTR

Daily reminder about a Social Thinking and Unthinkable character Y5 and Y6 CTR

Please see below for the teacher accounts on Twitter…

Mesne Lea@mesne_lea

Nursery CTR children – please see Nursery Yellow and Blue Twitter accounts 

Mrs Whitehead@MissGlover12

Miss Antrobus@MissAntrobus

Reception CTR children – please see Reception Yellow and Blue accounts:

Mrs Williams@ReceptionBlue

Miss Bennett Reception Yellow@MissBennett22

Year 1 CTR children – please see Year 1 Yellow and Blue accounts:

Miss Berry Year 1@missberry_y1B

Mrs Gray@MrsGray_ML

Year 2 CTR children ​please see Year 2 Yellow and Blue accounts:

Year 2 Blue & Yellow@Yeartwoblue

Year 3 CTR children – please see Year 5 Yellow and Blue accounts:

Miss Bartholomew@BartholomewMiss

Mr L Peers@peers_mr

Year 4 CTR children – please see Year 4 Yellow and Blue accounts:

Miss Osborn@MissOsborn5

Mrs Prill@MrsPrill

Year 5 CTR children please see Year 5 Yellow and Blue accounts:

Mr Stead@mr_stead1987

Miss Gray@MissGray55

Year 6 children please see Year 6 Yellow and Blue accounts:

Miss Gibson@MissGibson_ML

Year 6 Blue@MrsDougill_ML

Social Skills Talking about Conversations

Everyday our children are required to handle a wider range of situations. The following activity provides support for greeting someone.
Lesson 11 Greeting Someone


Advice has been translated into the following languages: Arabic; Bengali; Traditional Chinese/Cantonese; Simplified Chinese/Mandarin; French; Gujarati; Polish; Portuguese; Punjabi; Urdu; and Welsh.

There are more languages on website below:


Here is a link to help learning at home


Don’t forget to keep practising your timetables and spellings using your logins for TTRockstars and Spelling Shed